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Chilliwack Pro Auto Care, an auto-repair shop in Chilliwack, BC has the same concerns about marketing as other locally based businesses:

  • they rely on the traditional Yellow Pages book to advertise their services
  • they have no need to advertise their services outside of a 30 km radius of their shop
  • they are unsure about internet marketing as their target market is very geographically specific
  • they need to wean off of the Yellow Pages ads in a way that is strategic and doesn’t lose business


Chilliwack Pro Auto Care came to Stir Communications Group in Chilliwack and spoke with a local Chilliwack web design, marketing and advertising consultant. They were aware that without a website they couldn't be found in search results. They were also becoming more and more aware that a new generation of people didn't search for their services anywhere BUT online. Chilliwack Pro Auto Care knew that they had to do something online to attract the next generation of locals who needed auto repair. They came to Stir to:

  • Design a website that optimizes the site for search engine ranking
  • Drive local traffic to the website
  • Create a site that is cost-effective but up-to-date
  • Get the site on the first page of Google results


    You may have noticed that when you search for a local business in Google, you will find a map and many local businesses listed beside the map. This is Google's Local 10-Pack. Google realized that the fastest growing segment of online searches is local search. Not only were more and more people searching for something in a local area, they were following up with offline action. A recent study found that  82 percent of the people using local Web search sites follow up their research with offline action, including in-store visits, phone calls, e-mails or purchases. These findings shows advertisers cannot ignore the importance of integrating their online and offline marketing and advertising efforts.

    61 percent of those using local search sites eventually made purchases.


    Chillwack Pro Auto Care hired Stir Communications Group to move them upwards in the Google Ten Pack of  local listings. This involved a number of tactics and several months of work to achieve. Initially, they were competing with multi-national companies, auto-repair shops from other towns and car dealerships. Stir created a Google Local account for Chilliwack Pro-Auto and provided essential and strategic content for the account.

    As you can see from the screenshot (below), Chilliwack Pro Auto Care is now the top-ranking result in the Google local search results when you search for: auto-repair Chilliwack. You can also see that Chilliwack Pro Auto Care is also the top-ranking organic site just below the Google Local 10-Pack. This is a double win for them!

    • 63% of all the traffic to comes from organic search traffic
    • 6800+ FREE ad impressions in Google Local in first 10 months
    • More than 185 actions (clicked to map or clicked to webpage) in first 10 months
    • Top search result in Google Local
    • Top search result in Google organic

    Local Search Results

    Search Results Screenshot (below)
    1. Google 10-Pack Top Ranking Result
    2. Organic Search Results - Top Ranking Result

    Additional keyword terms and ranking results

    1. chilliwack auto repair
    rank #3 in Google 10-Pack
    rank #1 in organic results

    2. auto repair chilliwack

    rank #3 in Google 10-Pack
    rank #1 in organic results


    The template-based website
    Google Local Results


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